About INC

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International Negotiation Competition

The goal of the INC

The International Negotiation Competition (INC) is a law student competition in which a team of two law students representing a party/client negotiates either an international transaction or the resolution of an international dispute with an opposing team of two law students. Teams from around the world will meet each other and the judges. The judging panel consists of lawyers, business people and leading professors of law from the participating countries.


INC History

In 1998, two American law schools, Creighton University and Pepperdine University, sponsored the first annual International Negotiation Competition. The inaugural competition was hosted by Pepperdine and modeled on the existing Negotiation Competition sponsored by the American Bar Association Law Student Division. Following the success of the Louis M. Brown International Client Consultation Competition, the International Negotiation Competition develops negotiation skills in the context of international transactions and disputes.

The countries represented at the inaugural competition were Australia, Canada, England, and the United States. The Australian team from University of Sydney was the first winner of the traveling plaque presented by the Practicing Law Institute of New York City.

Since then the competition has become truly international, with teams regularly competing from Australia, Canada, Denmark, England and Wales, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and the USA.

International Negotiation Competition

INC Competitions

  • 2011: University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • 2012: Queen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland)
  • 2013: Chapman University Fowler School of Law, Orange County, California (USA)
  • 2014: Handong International Law School, Pohang (South Korea)
  • 2015: Law Society of Ireland, Dublin (Ireland)
  • 2016: Universität Luzern, Lucerne (Switzerland)