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General information 

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INC Competition Rules: Download the following PDF with detailled information about the INC rules.

When is it?

The INC 2017 takes place in Oslo, Norway. We are excited to welcome you the last week in June.

What are the objectives of the INC?

  • Promote greater interest among law students in legal negotiation.
  • Provide a means for law students to practice and improve their negotiating skills in cross-border transactions and disputes.
  • Enable law students to meet law students and lawyers from other countries.
  • Provide law students with a critique of their performance from experienced legal negotiators.

How is organized?

  • Three weeks in advance: The teams receive the cases (negotiating problems).
  • Day 1: Prominent lectures from around the world present a Master class on negotiation.
  • Competition days: Each team negotiates international transactions or the resolution of international disputes with each other. There will be 3-4 competition rounds in English language (one is usually a multiparty negotiation) for each team. The competition judges provide feedback, coaching and decide which team has demonstrated the best legal negotiating skills.

Who will be there?

  • Competitors: Law students, who won the respective national competitions in their countries. Expected are 30 teams from all the world.
  • Judges: National and international legal professionals, business people, academic professors, practicing lawyers.

Economy during INC 

  • Participation: US $200 per team.
  • Travel not included.
  • Stay not included (although we are currently working on favourable hotel prices).
  • Meals in general not included.
  • Master class included.
  • Reception included.
  • Social day with meals included.
  • Prize ceremony and Awards dinner included.