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INC Judges

Current and former judges of the INC

Aaron Harmon

Clinical Assistant Professor

College of Law Qatar University, Qatar

Aifric O Byrne


Eventadvisor, Slovakia

Andre Seah


Slaughter and May, England

Barbara Jemphrey

Director of Education / Lawyer

Institute of Professional Legal Studies, Queen's University Belfast, Nothern Ireland

Clifford Tijok

Commercial Director

Director of Education / Lawyer

Elena Vyushkina

Associate Professor of the Department of the English Language, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Saratov State Law Academy, Russia

Fred Ross

Professor / International Student Coordinator

Handong International Law School, Korea

Elisabeth Leimbacher


Schellenberg Wittmer, Switzerland

Frank Astill


University of Sydney Law Extension Committee, Australia

Tetsuo Morishita

Professor of Law

Tetsuo Morishita

Nancy Soonpaa

Law Professor

Texas Tech University, USA

Roar Waegger


The Norwegian Association of Lawyers, Norway

Jochen Luksch 

Managing Partner

Egger, Philips & Partner, Switzerland

Susan Stokeld

Lecturer / Justice of Peace

Aberdeen University, Scotland

Mikkel Gudsøe

Lawyer International Trade Law

IPR & Mediation, Federation of Danish Fashion and Textile, Denmark

Janie Clement-Walker

Lecturer in ADR / CEDR Accredited Mediator and Advanced Negotiator

University of Kent, England