2019 Competition - Travel and Visa

Flying into Japan:

Tokyo is served by two airports.  Narita International Airport is located further from central Tokyo than Haneda International Airport. The airport is located about 37 miles (60 kilometers) east of central Tokyo. It takes about one hour by train and 1.5 hours by bus to central Tokyo.  Haneda International Airport is located closer to central Tokyo than Narita International Airport.  It takes about 20-30 minutes to central Tokyo by train or monorail and 30-40 minutes by bus.  Narita has more airlines than Haneda.

Visa Information:

Some teams may need to obtain a visa to enter Japan. Several countries, however, have exempts citizens of some countries. The following link provides information on exemptions for short-term stay: https://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/short/novisa.html

How to obtain a Letter of Invitation:

You should email Professor Tetsuo Morishita to request a letter of invitation for use in conjunction with a visa application.  You will need to provide all needed information, such as your full names, passport numbers, etc.  It is extremely important that you begin the visa process early if one is needed.  His email is tetsu-mo@sophia.ac.jp.