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Frequently Asked Questions


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1. What is the International Negotiation Competition?

The International Negotiation Competition is a law student competition in which teams of two represent their client un a negotiation over an international transaction or resolution of an international dispute. The competition usually takes place over the course of a week, commencing with a masterclass in negotiation held by internationally renowned professionals, followed byb 3-4 competitions rounds and concluding with a celebratory reception. It provides a unique opportunity for law students from around the world to develop their skills and network in both competitive and social settings. 

2. Who can participate and how do I join?

The teams represent their respective countries and are usually selected through local and national negotiation competitions. For more information please contact your country's national representative. If you are unable to find a national representative for your country please contact us directly.  

3. When and where is the next competition?

The 2023 competition will be held on 6-8 July 2023 at LUMSA, University of Rome.

4.  Where can I find out more?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us